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4th- The Family Sowell- $15 admission

11- Open Highway- $10 admission

17th- Won Peace- $10 admission

18th- Three Rivers- $10 admission

25th- Laurel Mountain- $10 admission


1st- Tony Hale and Blackwater- $10 admission

8th- Relentless Mules- $20 admission

14th- Mad River Tradition- $12 admission

15th- Tom Ewing- $10 admission

22nd- Marteka and William- $12 admission

29th- The Price Sisters- $15 admission


5th- New Balance- $10 admission

12th- closed

19th- The Churchmen- $15 admission

20th (doors open at 3pm)- Fast track- $20 admission

25th- Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass- $20 admission

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