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1st- The McLain Family-$20 admission

15th- Don Rigsby & the Fly-By Knights- $20 admission

22nd- Fast Track- $20 admission

28th- Out of Mind- $10 admission

29th- Rated BG- $10 admission


7th- Vernon McIntyre's Appalachian Bluegrass- $15 admission

13th- Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers- $20 admission

20th- Junior Sisk- $20 admission

21st- Crabgrass- $10 admission

28th- The Churchmen- $15 admission


4th- Alex Leach Band- $15 admission

5th- Sideline- $20 admission

11th- The Price Sisters- $15 admission

17th- Tony Hale & Blackwater

18th- Chosen Road- $15 admission

25th- The Grascals- $20 admission